Monday, March 28, 2011


Marine Weather by Bluefin

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crew needed

I know there are people out there. Email me if interested.

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Harmony in treasure

Oh well. Somebody has to do it
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Two tailed lizard

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Harmony still at Treasure Cay

We are still here and will be for a couple of weeks. First me then Florrie have come down with colds. We blame Riley. Rum only does so much for the symptoms.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fishing at Treasure Cay

Scotty and a mutton snapper he caught (while I was driving). Me? I lost a lot of bait. While I was fishing, they were catching. Oh well. Still a great day.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yard Sale on Treasure Cay

Yesterday I had the most unusual morning.  Selling my prints here can be complicated because the government has a number of business licenses that can totally hamstring artists and other crafts people from selling on their own.  Selling to shops that already have business licenses ($5000/yr) is ok once you have paid duty on what you have brought into the country.  However, yesterday there was a community "yard sale" held in the parking lot of the Coco Beach Bar.  It was supposed to be from 8:30 AM to noon.  The sign said "anyone could sell anything"  so, armed with my customs/duty stamped notice that I had already paid the government 45% of the cost of the prints I brought with me, I borrowed a table from some other boaters and set up what I had left of my various prints.  I had been warned to get there at 7:30 because people come early.  I thought that was a little extreme but went along with it.
I got there at 7:30 (very early for me) and the lot was already packed!  (It is about 1/2 the size of a football field, I think.)  Local people were everywhere.  That means a lot of Haitians who have come there for work and, because the economy is so bad, are struggling terribly.  Also there were plenty of Bahamians looking for bargains because the economy is stressing everyone here.  (To explain that could take all morning.)  People were selling and buying everything from water drums to golf carts to kitchen supplies, tools, fishing gear, plants, clothes, furniture, you name it.  At one point a pickup truck came in with a toppling load of furniture, put it out in the middle of the area, and went back for the rest of the ensemble!  (Matching couch, coffee table, chairs, side tables, a rug etc, etc.)  The truck was swarmed by people!
Needless to say these people weren't looking for art prints!  But some of the winter (second home owner) locals were also milling around, getting bargains for their condos, etc.  The boaters don't but much because the don't have any room!  But it was fun to talk with people who recognized the places in my photos and understood the inspirations for some of the art on the cards.
Around 8:30 the tourists and guests arrived, when the event was supposed to start, and I began to sell my work.  After that there was a pretty steady supply of interested people at my little table.  Because my friend Patti volunteers at the Treasure Cay Primary School and I knew they needed more money for programs not paid for by the government, I made a sign that a percentage of my sale prices would go to the free lunch program.  Some of the children don't get a hot meal all weekend.  I had also checked with the woman who is in charge of the volunteers for this program.  The yard sale is an annual event that mostly benefits the library and the community center but I didn't know that until I was already there.  It was ok to help support other charities.  It was terrific that the Humane Society (which pays for spaying & neutering strays) was selling edibles for lunch!  They even had cookies for your dog.
What fun that a couple of the visitors to my table regognized my work!  They had seen it in Native Creations on Green Turtle Cay.  There are also a few things in the Marina Store here at Treasure Cay.  So, at about 11:20 the vendors were beginning to pack up.  I had very few things left and a nice contribution for the lunch program.  I had had a wonderful time meeting lots of interesting people.  The people at the next table loaded my table and rolling cart onto their golf cart and brought me back to the dock.  What a totally unexpected and delightfully memorable experience!  I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera.  -- Florrie

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mia Culpa

I have been amiss and must atone. It has been almost a month since my last blog.

We left Treasure and went to Marsh Harbour to pick up Jimmy, Sarah and my granddaughter Riley. Then we did the rounds. Great Guana (Grabbers and Nippers), around the Whale to Green Turtle, back around the Whale to Treasure stopping to swim off the back of the boat on the sandy banks, across to Hope Town, down to Tahiti Beach and back to Marsh Harbour. The weather was incredible and the "kids" and Riley seemed to enjoy it.

It was sad to see them go back to the land of snow (which wasn't there...snow that is).

Now we are back at Treasure for a month of R and R. Dock parties (happy hour or two) every night, water aerobics, swimming pool, one of the top ten beaches in the world according to National Geographic, etc.etc. We are at the dock which turns out to be a good thing as the weather has deteriorated. For the last three days winds have been blowing into the 30s and are expected to continue at least for the next week but the docks are quiet at night (unlike Marsh Harbour where the next door bar had live "entertainment" singing off key long past my bedtime) and the sleeping is good. No worrying about the anchor alarm going off and doing the 3 AM deck dance to reset the anchor in the rain.