Monday, August 5, 2013

RE: photographing the ac races

The first America (a replica) and the most recent (New Zealand and Italy) challengers.   These were taken 8/27 in San Francisco where I went with my brother and sister for a few days to see the Louis Vuitton Challenger Series.  Can you imagine the NZ boat going over 50 miles an hour in a 20 knot breeze 100 yards offshore?  In the picture on the right she was only doing 38 knots or about 42 miles per hour.   The wing sail is 131 feet, larger than the wing on a 747.  As seen in the right picture, the hulls are completely out of the water when they reach or go downwind.  Sort of like an iceboat. 
They only race in winds below 22 knots because it is too dangerous.   For more google America's Cup.