Thursday, April 18, 2013

active captain

Found a new (to me) site:    Sort of like the Waterway guide combined with Captain Bob.  Shows nautical maps with anchorages, marinas, shoaling etc.  You need to sign up but it is free and you can see other peoples reviews or make your own. 
Now that it has turned warm, all the boaters are in various stages of going north.  The migration has begun!   Us too.  We were going to head out today BUT there is a fire about 10 miles north of us which has closed I-95 because it has combined with fog.  The ICW is just a few miles downwind from there.  Then there is a front coming down from the NW with rain and thunderstorms.  Looks like next week would be a good time to join the parade.


Yesterday we drove up to Cape Canaveral to see some friends (Kal and Brian) who have hauled "Serenity" to fix their saildrives which lost both engines to a fishing line (actually parachute cord) getting wrapped around the props.   Really good to see them again.

Friday, April 5, 2013



A few weeks ago there was a mother and baby dolphin that would come around our boats.  The little one seemed to be stuck to its 6' mom's side with invisible glue.  This week, all of a sudden there was a "new" smaller dolphin (about 3' long) fishing on its own.  I named it "Zippy" because it zoomed around, chasing fish, and splashing like a maniac.  I think "mom" was enjoying a more leisurely lunch a short distance away.  We have been so lucky to watch a dolphin grow up this winter!  Maybe sometime I'll get a picture of Zippy again.