Thursday, April 29, 2010

RE: Hiya

Some pictures taken by Cathy and Dave.

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Sea Frost compressor

     It is such a pleasure to deal with a professional who knows what they are doing.  Bill Rhodes, in Vero Beach was excellent.  Thank you for recommending him.  He came out within 3 hours of my call to  him and diagnosed the problem ight away.  Luckilly it turned out to be a simple one and the unit is now working.
     I am also putting this letter on the blog.

S/V Harmony

Bill Rhodes, Vero area  772 812 1722


Cleave Horton
Sea Frost
372 US Route 4
Barrington, NH  03825

Phone  603 868 5720      Fax    603 868 1040      Office 800 435 6708


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FW: For the Blog????

The new modern couple communicates when apart.  We have become soo dependant on WIFI that it determines where we go.  Sometimes we go to avoid emails. 
S/V Harmony

> From:
> Subject: For the Blog????
> Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 20:29:45 -0400
> To:
> Hi Lew,
> What a DAY! I got five of my Bahamas photos into the Middletown Arts
> Center yesterday. Today I took Lisa's photos over there so she could
> finish color correcting the scans of my new paintings. I need to have
> new prints and note cards to show and offer for sale. It has been a
> huge project to get all 40 entries ready - and they ALL relate to the
> Bahamas. Whew! I'll send photos for the blog to you as soon as I
> can... maybe Thursday. In the meantime, "Peaceful Evening" is one of
> my favorite photos in the show. That is "Puff" on the Little Bahamas
> Banks. I hope you can use the photos I'm sending.
> Today I went to the carpet store and returned the too-dark sample.
> The carpet I really like is coming in on Friday so they will give me a
> swatch to test out here. If I like it they can start installing it on
> Monday! It is the best of a number I looked at so, if the color
> works, we will have a new carpet before you get home. Another Whew -
> and Wow!
> It is hard to concentrate on the last bits of preparation for my
> Artist's Reception on the 2nd because I am so excited about getting
> the new carpet. It has been a bit stressful living with torn up
> carpet in the living room. But I put a vase of liclas in the middle
> of the floor so that, at least, is pretty.
> I'm glad to hear the boat refrigeration is making more sense to you.
> It will be so good to be able to count on it next year.
> Sleep well!
> Nighty nite,
> Mee

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FW: I forgot the photos!


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Turtle to Vero Beach

Click on the title for a link to see the trip. Now sitting in Vero waiting for the rain to stop. The very slow speeds were when I anchored or was stopped to put oil in the engine while at sea. The last few hours before getting to Ft. Pierce were honking with an average almost 10. She sails a lot faster than she motors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Harmony weather window

Click on the title and be taken to the spot site showing how I left Green Turtle Cay this morning about 7AM. Travelling with "Puff", we left. At 8AM I listened to Chris Parker (weather guru) on the Single Sideband Radio (SSB). He was talking about a front coming down the US coast and getting to Fort Pierce, our destination, on Sunday morning with squalls. Since we were not going to do an overnight, we would have been in the Gulf Stream when it came through. It was either that or stay at Great Sale Cay, an uninhabited island with a good harbor a full day's sail from Green Turtle, until Monday or Tuesday. As long as we were going to be holed up, we decided to come back to GTC. After all, we are still paid up at the mooring until 5/1. So here I am.

Once again: Man plans and god laughs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spot Track

Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Use the "x" to get rid of the stats and zoom in by hitting the "+" or double clicking on where you want to zoom.

Reply from Florrie

HiYa Lew,
My goodness, you haven't been bored! I hope you can get everything
working right, soon.
What a yucky job - good luck with it. (No you hadn't told me.)

As you know, a big storm hit here on March 30, causing serious leaks
in our living room and flooding the unit downstairs. The insurance
adjuster came on Saturday. Sunday I finished cutting up the carpet
and padding for an 8' x 12' area in front of the sliding doors. What
a job! ( I had started the job the night before, after I bought a
carpet knife at Lowes and looked at carpet samples.) I threw 9
kitchen bags full of carpet residue over the balcony rail then hauled
them to the dumpster.

The garbage disposal is stuck... whatever was in there over the winter
has solidified around the moving blades. I can't take the time to
call the fix-it man yet - gotta work on the art show. Also - my
printer won't work - I think I have to take it somewhere and get it
cleaned. I took the inks out of it when we left but whatever was left
in the machine's innards might have solidified. It is good that my
car battery was recharged the day after I got home... at least I can
move around easily now.

Owning a home is fixing things in a predictable place.

I am getting scans and prints of the new work that will go into my
show on May 1st. I'm including photos this year as well as the six
new acrylics and a couple of drawings. I figure there might be 30
pieces in the show.

Correction: The Artist's Reception is Sunday, May 2 from 2 - 4 PM
(For more information look back in the blogs of last month.)

Gotta Scoot! There's lots to do today. I miss the beautiful water
but am glad to be here for now, in spite of all the problems.

Letter to Florrie

  I don't remember if I told you but after you left, the fridge kept tripping the off circuit on the compressor.  I guess it misses you too.  I put some more 134A into it but it didn't help.  I finally figured out that it might be poor heat exchanging so I looked at the strainer.  It was full of that seaweed that sticks to metal under the boat.  I put in a new strainer and now it works...well at least for about 10 minutes then shuts itself off again.  I have put clorox thru the system to kill whatever might be left.  Right now we get 1o+/- minutes then have to wait for about an hour before we can get another 10 minutes.  The temperature goes down a couple of degrees  In between, if I try to turn it on, it turns itself off within 15 seconds.  The weird thing is that it is and has been pumping out water just fine the whole time which may be why it took me so long to think of the strainer.  Looks like it is time to take the whole thing apart and make sure there is no seaweed in it.  YUCH.  It is a good thing I can get good ice here.  Well it could be could be the head.  Been there, done that.  Thank goodness it is a fresh water system.
  Anyway, I have also checked the strainers for the salt water intake for the engines (they are fine) and plan to check it for the generator (which is working fine) today.
Cruising IS fixing your boat in exotic places.

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