Monday, April 12, 2010

Reply from Florrie

HiYa Lew,
My goodness, you haven't been bored! I hope you can get everything
working right, soon.
What a yucky job - good luck with it. (No you hadn't told me.)

As you know, a big storm hit here on March 30, causing serious leaks
in our living room and flooding the unit downstairs. The insurance
adjuster came on Saturday. Sunday I finished cutting up the carpet
and padding for an 8' x 12' area in front of the sliding doors. What
a job! ( I had started the job the night before, after I bought a
carpet knife at Lowes and looked at carpet samples.) I threw 9
kitchen bags full of carpet residue over the balcony rail then hauled
them to the dumpster.

The garbage disposal is stuck... whatever was in there over the winter
has solidified around the moving blades. I can't take the time to
call the fix-it man yet - gotta work on the art show. Also - my
printer won't work - I think I have to take it somewhere and get it
cleaned. I took the inks out of it when we left but whatever was left
in the machine's innards might have solidified. It is good that my
car battery was recharged the day after I got home... at least I can
move around easily now.

Owning a home is fixing things in a predictable place.

I am getting scans and prints of the new work that will go into my
show on May 1st. I'm including photos this year as well as the six
new acrylics and a couple of drawings. I figure there might be 30
pieces in the show.

Correction: The Artist's Reception is Sunday, May 2 from 2 - 4 PM
(For more information look back in the blogs of last month.)

Gotta Scoot! There's lots to do today. I miss the beautiful water
but am glad to be here for now, in spite of all the problems.

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