Thursday, June 14, 2012

New boat

We left Harmony in Florida so I found a little (25 foot) catboat (Freedom 25) for a bargain price.  Something to tool around with and easily single hand when I am not repairing it.  My son, Jimmy, and a friend George helped me bring it down the East River from New Rochelle and the three of us have also been doing the Wed. night local races.  Unfortunately, the boat doesn't point worth a @#$% and is the smallest and lightest in the fleet which means we come in last.  We do just fine downwind and even passed one of the larger boats last night.  But then we rounded the mark and watched him sail past us to leeward.  Oh well, I can still go out for an afternoon.  Maybe if we could find a race that is downwind for the entire course....

Fishing registry in New Jersey    Here is the link for a registry for New Jersey salt water fishing if you ever want to drag a line as you go by or dive for lobster.  It is free and if you get caught fishing without it, it is a $300 fine.  The same may just be true for other states and there is a national registry for a fee of $15.