Saturday, April 30, 2011

Atantc city from 24 miles out.

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Coming home

We left Norfolk about 9 AM on Friday. Light winds from the west. Winds went NW and built so we reefed and took in the jib which managed to foul the line around the winch just after my first nap off watch. A lot of slamming between the hulls until we went off 15 degrees from course. Rough but very little slamming...that is when waves come off each hull and join to come straight up under the center on the boat. Anything on the table is soon on the floor and no sleeping in the saloon where i was. Morning presented with confused waves and wind almost on the nose. This calmed down and by afternoon we had shaken out the reef and jib was up...motorsailing as wind was west at 10. Forcast was for NE tonight and East tomorrow. Well the real story is that it went East early this afternoon and is now from the South. Go figure.
Now we are motor sailing about 20 miles north of Atlantic City which is clearly in view and about 8 miles offshore. Crew has been fed a poor dinner of leftovers and it is getting cold. We expect low 40s tonight. Gotta go find my gloves.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well we almost beat the squall into Little Creek in Norfolk. We closed in the cockpit and did circles in the bay until it passed then motored to Cobbs Marina. Now sitting at the dock. Jimmy arrives today and we leave on Friday when the front passes. Florrie will drive up to see the kids in MD.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Goat island on the Pasquotank River

Happy Easter. Left the Alligator River and are sitting here for the afternoon and night. Dismal Swamp tomorrow.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

20 mile day

We took off from Moorehead Yacht Basin about 7:30 this morning.  Tide was against us all the way.  Went out Adams Creek to the Neuse River where it was blowing about 25 on the nose with 2 and 3 foot waves.  Lots of white caps and uncomfortable (Florrie sniffed when she read this..apparently she thinks I tend to understate things a wee bit).  Turned around and went back and anchored.  While I was taking a nap, the boat dragged and when I woke up we were almost in the channel again.  There was a Tow Boat US hanging out about 1/4 mile away who took off when he saw us taking off.  I guess warning us would have been bad for business.   Looked like a little less wind so we headed NE straight into the wind and waves.  They started building again so we went into the South River where we are now anchored.  Rain predicted for tonight so we will stay here.  Maybe Elizabeth City on Sunday or Monday.  All in all not a very productive day but just a part of boating but now we have 2 anchor alarms set. 

Nasty neuse river

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Discretion and valor

The wind kicked up to about 25 on the nose with the current against us. Port engine decided it needed a rest or at least some oil just past the bridge SW of Moorehead City. Wind forcast was for 20 to 25 with higher gusts and I got tired of fighting it. We are now in a very protected marina and yacht basin at 3 PM. We have stayed here several times and there are several good restaurants within walking distance.

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Discretion and valor

The wind kicked up to about 25 on the nose with the current against us. Port engine decided it needed a rest or at least

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Live fire

We got up early, listened to the weather, and took off to m.ake the 8 AM opening of the Onslow bridge. Got into Camp Lajuene to be halted by a patrol boat because they were having live shooting exercises closing the ICW. We anchored and await to hear from the patrol boat as to when the shooting will end. Talk about being a sitting duck!
OMG loud booms almost like thunder echoing nearby.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New crew

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Cape Fear

We are now 60 miles SW of Cape Fear..NC. we left St. Augustine monday morning about 9 and went into the ocean. 180 nautical miles later we were off Charleston and Florrie suggested we continue outside for Cape Fear...another 120 miles. It is now about 9 at night and the engines are off. Broad reach in 10 knts of wind and should get into the river about 7 tomorrow morning. We actually slowed down so we can arrive during daylight assuming the wind doesn't die.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weather Window to US

Today it is 20 to 25 from the North but it is predicted that it will go down to the NE and diminish to 14 tomorrow then less than 10 until Monday at which time it will go up to 12 from the SE. Not really good in speed for sailing as we like it over 15. However, it is from a good direction for crossing the Gulf Stream. Seas should be down with the lower winds especially with the wind direction. We don't like North winds against the flow of the Stream. It gets choppy. Anyway, we will try it so it means that we will not have internet for a few days until we ger to Florida. Float plan: Green Turtle to Great Sale. Great Sale to Little Bahama Bank (anchored). Then on to Fort Pierce at the municipal marina. Then up to Vero. Still looking for crew mid April to NJ. If not we will put her on the hard in St. Augustine. Email me at

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nippers on Great Guana Cay

We’re back at Green Turtle, waiting for the next good weather window to cross the Gulf Stream to the States. What a good winter this has been! At least 2/3 has been terrific. The other third wasn’t great because the weather was doing something extreme… like freezing us. Florida with forty-two degrees in the galley in the morning is NOT what we thought we had signed on for. That lasted far too long. Then this past 2+ weeks have been too hot! Friends and family at home were still dealing with snow in some places! But really folks, 92 degrees for more than two weeks, in March? That’s not what we had in mind either. Another frustration was the Bahamas internet. It was much worse this year than last so there has been very little communication from us - and even fewer pictures.

So - the complaining out of the way - let us tell you that this year was wonderful and all about the people! It was so hard to leave Treasure Cay yesterday because we may not see some of the fascinating and incredibly fun people again! Each year is different from the last and some are going different places in 2012. Sigh. Goodbyes are so hard. However, there was enough laughter and marvelous stories shared to last us all for decades. There will certainly be a good group of us back here next season.

Aside from the delightful visit by Jim, Sarah & Riley Hill, some of the highlights have been the Low Country Boil, the Cajun Onion Soup supper, the Treasure Cay 50th Anniversary fund raising dinner, our own St.Patrick’s Day picnic with the L-Dock Drifters in fine voice, fishing excursions, water aerobics classes, and countless Pizza Nights and Happy Hours on the dock. Amid the jokes and laughter we got to know each other better and even had time for a few, more personal, conversations. Thanks to many new friends for making us “honorary Canadians” for the winter. We’re going to miss you all. We wish you happy sailing - or motoring - wherever the winds and life take you next year.

Here are a few pictures that we can finally share with you all.

St. Paddy's Day

This is what boaters do on St. Paddy's day. Drink and party. The main difference is that there is a lot of green.

Catamaran Harmony images

There is a fish in the last picture and, yes, the water really is that color.

Harmony update

We are currently on a mooring ball at Donny's in Green Turtle Cay. About as safe as one can get (knock on wood). A front is scheduled to come thru on Tuesday evening with winds in squalls up into the 50's. After that is should go East and Southeast with diminishing winds until Sat and then start building slowly until the next front next Tuesday. LOOKS LIKE A WINDOW. knock, knock knock on wood.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Laundry day on hazrmony

Bucket and plunger
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Harmony faces a strong cold front

Last night the front came through. The same one that kickned up tornados in Florida. It arrived in full force about 4:30 AM. Thank goodness we were at the dock. No need to do the deck dance during the squalls. No worring about dragging our anchor or the guy in front of us dragging his. Just closing hatches and back to bed. This morning the thunderheads are still around and the wind is still blowing and from the SW so the front has not passed completely. Tomorrow SHOULD be light and northerly. We and several other boats want to leave and start the trek back to the states. Some will go direct but I think we will go to Green Turtle for a week or so. I am not quite ready to leave.

Still need crew for Florida to NJ in mid April.

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