Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lew & Florrie's Valentine Adventure

Wonderful plans for Valentine's Day:
After opening our presents Lew & I would take the bus to the beach area (check), walk to our favorite shore restaurant for lunch (check), then walk the mile to the terrific ice cream store for dessert. It started to rain a little so we took the bus there and had yummy desserts (check). The rain was very light so we walked (check) back to the marina (about a mile) and sat in the lounge for awhile. Nice. The rain began to look serious so we decided that we'd better get back to Harmony. NOT what we had planned!
Oh well - Florida needs the rain.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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Same marina, different mooring


Good Morning My Friends,
Today I am so content I could purr… We moved ½ mile up the (Vero Beach City Marina) mooring field to one of my FAVORITE spots on the planet.   We're surrounded on three sides by mangroves.  It is quieter here and less light so the stars are much more visible.  I think I heard a dolphin at 6 AM…. a manatee?  The bikes are finally off the boat and chained to the racks by the Capt's Lounge.  We're "home"… for the winter!  

Lew was surprised at how happy I was to move from mooring #2, near the bridge, to #54.  Oh well.  With the bikes off, finally, I'm cleaning the cockpit this morning. There was a large, fist-sized mud wasp's nest and 5 little ones behind the bikes!  Yikes.  No wasps though.  With the 4 tree frogs we found in Oct in St. A, we were beginning to harbor a veritable Nature Preserve on this boat.

Funny story:  When we got the water tanks "filled" 10 days ago, I got a shower when the tank "burped"!  It spewed like a volcano from the intake on deck, straight up! I cracked up, totally surprised, and the dock hand had to have been amused - never having seen THAT before.  Thank heavens it was a warm day.  Well, yesterday was a warm day again and this time I let Lew do the filling and he got the "shower".  No laughing… but I was glad it wasn't me!  This boat sure has some unusual idiosyncrasies. Eventually we'll figure this out so it won't happen again (I hope).

FYI - we decided not to go to the Bahamas this year.  We have a new granddaughter due around March 16th so it will be easier to go home for a week or so from here.  I hope the weather cooperates!  

Stay warm and I hope you are enjoying your winter, too, as much as possible.
Much Love,

Same marina, different mooring