Friday, January 28, 2011


It is 7:30 AM. I am having my coffee in the cockpit. It is cloudy with a mild NW wind. The roosters are crowing and all seems right with the world. Well maybe if Pippin would stop barking and scaring people. Pippin is a wolflike beast who was left here by some cruisers who are now elsewhere. Since Donny is away, Mr. Smith feeds him but he remains outdoors and barks at all hours.
Anyway, it is cool but not enough to warrent long pants. Debby and Russ flew in yesterday and the local ferry delivered them to their little (24 foot) boat. Florrie and I had been helping Ripple put up their masts and were having celebratory cocktails with Tom and Jan when they arrived. After a few rums it was getting quite chilly as the sun went down so we went back to Harmony and tried to stay awake until 9 (sailors midntght).

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