Friday, December 9, 2011


Well it has been three hours fixing and refixing and refixing the water pump for the fridge compressor, only to test it and find leaks.  Bah! Humbug! 
 After the first failure I noticed an O-ring on the bottom of the bilge.  Tried to put it on several times...all the time on my belly reaching down into the bilge...but it wouldn't go.  Then I noticed that the fitting already had an O-ring in it so I exchanged the one for the other and it seems to be working.  How the ring got into the bottom of the bilge, I have no idea.  The strainer had to be replaced with a new one then done again, after a long search, with plumber's tape.  Of course, every other connection had to be redone with the tape too.  Each individual part seems to be working but it needs to be reassembled and tested again.  So I took a break and my wrists now hurt just typing.  Maybe after a nap. 

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