Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Splashed in St. Augustine on Catamaran Harmony in 2015.

2015.  We are in the water and the bilges are dry.  Seals are working as are the engines.  Did have some electrical issues so I cleaned off every connection to the 6 batteries and found that I needed to replace 3 of them. Boy batteries are heavy!  Went to test out the system and the 110 was NOTHING.  I couldn't figure out what I might have done to disrupt the 110 system while working on the 12v system. Spent about an hour tracking down everything and cleaning everything only to finally discover that the plug on shore had loosened and was not connected.   AAAARRRGGGG! Talk about feeling stupid.  The shifter for the starboard engine was really stiff for the transmission but not for the accelerator.  Ordered a new cable only to find out that the problem was in the shifter itself.  Cleaned the shifter itself and now it is working just fine.  
The anchor chain has been completely replaced with new BBB (the best stuff).  The windlass is working fine.  AHHHHHH.  
This is one of Florrie's drawings which I may have posted before but it is one of my favorites.  We went to dinner at Vero Beach a couple of years ago and this is how we got back to the boat when it started to pour.  

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