Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Good Morning Friends and Interested Strangers,
We have been in the water for two weeks now and finally there is t-shirt weather.  The trip down from Norfolk VA has been cold and rainy and also terrific in that we have again met fun and fascinating people along the way.  (I hope to tell you about Capt. Kal and Brian one of these days.)  We've had many boat systems fixed and are still waiting to find an autohelm before I will go offshore.  Lew would risk it but I am far more reluctant.  This means we zig-zag through the marshes of Georgia again, to get to Fernandina FL.
We're on the dock at Barefoot Marina near Myrtle Beach SC, heading for Georgetown and hopefully a shrimp dinner tonight.  This morning it is 66 degrees in the galley - up to now it has been more like 52 every morning.  We finally took the arctic comforter off our bed last night.  So, as usual, this is not the dream vacation so many land lubbers insist on believing it is.

Just before we left home in October, I joined FineArtAmerica.com as Florence Bramley Hill, submitting five of my Bahamas paintings as prints for anyone interested.  I expect to add more images about every six months.  It is an exciting development, going public in such a high tech way. I haven't figured out how to include photos here, yet, but the works on FAA are some of the favorites from shows I've had in New Jersey.
There was an epiphany of sorts when I realized I have met a personal artistic aspiration that began on Bequia in 1978.  That's when I was inspired by the spirit in the work of Nora Birmingham.  The Bahamas works certainly marry my training and her love of life.  If you know of Nora's works, it would be fun to correspond!
So, in a few minutes we're off.  It is raining a little now but at least it isn't cold!
Cheers to all,

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