Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off the hard....please

We are still on the hard in Norfolk. Gotta love Cobbs's Marina in Little Creek. "Should" splash today but it is blowing so hard that we may not be able to get off the dock.
Had lots of stuff done: New escape hatch, drained and new fuel, filters, some fiberglass work done, put everything away. One bolt for the trampoline ($31.00, go figure) cleaned out the water tanks, new bottom paint, dinghy repaired (hopefully) new cutlass bearings, installed a line cutter for those crab pots, Florrie has been cleaning "like a Trojan" and getting all the supplies organized and lots of other details I can't remember right now. Gonna be an expensive bill.
With lots of luck we might be in the dismal swamp tomorrow or the next day...just in time for the rain that's acoming. It has gotten really cold here. This is not a problem while on the hard as we have electricity for the heater. However, once we leave we may stay bundled up for several days.
We still need to bleed the engines and get more fuel before we leave and (if it arrives today) install the new eye bolt for the trampoline. Other than that, we are set to be on our way. IF THE CREEK DON'T RISE.

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