Sunday, February 3, 2008

23 38.18N 075 54.928W

Florrie repairs the mainsail in Staniel Cay
The title for this entry is the coordinates for Emerald Bay Marina where we pulled in yesterday after a night at Galliot Cay (just south of little and big Farmers Cays). Google Earth them to see the marina. It was a salt pond in 2005 and is now trying to be an exclusive resort. In a few years it will be. Four Seasons Resorts has been pouring lots of money here with golf courses, casinos, condos, etc. The greatest things about it are free laundry and water at only 15 cents a gallon (so of course we filled up the day before yesterday at 50 cents a gallon). However dockage is $2.50 per foot with a 40 foot minimum so the 18 dollars worth of "free" laundry isn't really free. For comparison dockage usually is less than half of this and we still prefer to anchor out. The showers were fantastic with enough stuff to put on your body and lots of hot water. Ah, the rich really know how to keep clean and smell nice.
We came in here because it was close, protected from the ocean (upon which we sailed to get here in 15-20 knots close hauled in chop and swells). We had thought that spaces would be few as the Super Bowl is tonight but it is about 1/5 full. There is no party here but at Big D's Conch Spot, a five minute taxi ride into the local "town".

The shark above was one of about 15 that live near the dock at Staniel Cay. They are there to get the scraps from the fishermen and are not dangerous as they are nurse sharks. A 14 foot hammerhead came in two days ago and the natives shot it.

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