Monday, February 4, 2008

A day of rest

Lazy day, laundry, showers, reading, etc. up to the afternoon when I couldn't put it off any longer and dove into the engine rooms. Starboard was fine but the port, ah the port engine, which is the hard one to get into and out of, needed the belt to be tightened and it wasn't starting. This is the first time for me with belt tightening so it was a matter of figuring it out. This actually took awhile while the sweat poured off me. Then, once I did, it was a "DUH". Anyway, the nut finally did loosen up so it could be retightened under tension. Then, of course, the wrench fell into the bilge and it took awhile to find it. Blah. The starter engine selenoid appeared to be gone and knocking it didn't help. So I tried shorting it and the engine fired right up. At least we can get it started so we can leave here and go to George Town to get it repaired...hopefully. Two showers in one day; a new height in luxury.

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