Saturday, February 23, 2008

George Town again

I have finally figured out the attraction to the George Town area. This is the Catskills in its heyday. There are organized activities like mah jong, yoga, basket weaving, bridge, pilates, art, volleyball, softball, moonrise watching, dances, lectures, etc. These are all on Stocking Island which is across the bay from the town itself. You expect to hear about tango lessons on a loud speaker at any moment. Here the loudspeaker is replaced by the VHF radio we all have and announcements are at 8:00 AM on “the net”. They brag about the weather being better than other areas of the Bahamas but it is just not true. Cold fronts come in every 4 days like clockwork. The “town” services are terrible. Two restaurants, greatly overpriced and mediocre in quality. One gas station, one grocery store, one “hardware store” but 2 or 3 liquor stores and all is greatly overpriced. Not just Bahamian overpriced but really overpriced except for stuff the locals would buy. Thus chicken is $1.99/lb. while “steak” is $13 and crayfish tails (local “lobster”) is $28/lb. I guess we were spoiled by the Abacos which have excellent services. I may also be influenced by the fact that it is now over 10 days after my propane was promised. The store closed early yesterday, and is not scheduled to open today or tomorrow or Monday…maybe Tuesday…just now.

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