Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Point, Great Guana Cay

It's 6:15 on Thursday morning. We motor sailed for about 8-9 hours yesterday from Georgetown on Grand Exuma (Great ? Exuma) up to Great Guana Cay and are anchored at Black Point. There are about 30 boats here and I'll bet most of them "escaped" from G'town as soon as the weather permitted! It was quite a lovely flotilla coming north all day. It was a beautiful day and the deep blue seas were comfortable for us but the monohulls were rolling quite a bit. I am SO glad we're on Harmony and not on Mighty Melissa. Even at that, I was queasy for quite awhile. Wrist bands and ginger helped. Toward mid-day the seas got even flatter so I got a lot better. Once we came through Cave Cay Cut from Exuma Sound where it is very deep, onto the Exuma Banks where the turquoise water is more shallow, I was fine. Lew was able to read the whole trip if he wanted to. I had to just sit but that was ok. We got the hard part of this trip over with in one day. We have about two more full days of good weather before we have to be somewhere protected for the next Front that is supposed to be yet ANOTHER humdinger!
We've never been to Black Point but hear it is a nice settlement with internet, a good laundry and even groceries. We'll stay here for today and probably tonight then go to Big Majors, next to Staniel Cay where there is a very protected harbor. We'll wait out the front there.

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