Saturday, March 8, 2008

Staniel Cay again

Yesterday we met up with Wally and Connie on their huge motoryacht at Black Point. Very rolly and we left as soon as we could to go to a better harbor for the cold front. Anyway, they were ahead of us and lost their engine in 4 foot waves and 20-25 knot wind. We couldn't tow them in those conditions but hung around until they got the engine working again, (stuck biocide filter). Now we are both on mooring balls and will probably be here for a couple of days - stuck on board maybe - until the front passes. When we feel safe Florrie enjoys this very much. This is where part of the movie Thunderball was shot and we ALMOST got to go into the cave yesterday. However, unless you go in at slack Low Tide you have to dive under the rocks. At that time you can swim right in. We missed the 20 minute time slot so will try again another day. Around the point from us there is a beach where there are feral pigs that come out to your dinghy for food! We'll check that out too. And take pictures.
We're glad to be here again. When we were here in late Jan we had sail and water tank repairs to make so didn't enjoy it very much. However, this is where the nurse sharks congregate to get the scraps from the deep sea fishing boats when the catch is cleaned. Way cool! You can even walk among them, in the water. As we were dinghying into the dock to come to the internet, a 6 foot ray swam under us. Cool.

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