Friday, March 28, 2008


We're exhausted bacause after a lovely day trip from Norman's Island, the last few minutes here in Nassau were horrible - the port engine clonked out as we were leaving the fuel dock.  There is no room at the marinas because ALL the boats are trying to go home and are looking for safe havens for the next storm.  While we were on  Norman's Pond - a truly spectacular island paradise - a front came through that knocked us silly for an hour or so.  We managed the 30+ knot winds in the most protected anchorage we've been in in weeks.  Whew!  People a mile away in a different anchorage on the same island had 40 knot winds!  That is NOOOOOOOO fun.
However, we have made a couple of friends that are fantastic.  Lew and John are great buddies, we met them in Staniel Cay awhile ago.  (Lew is on the VHF with John right now.)  We've been 'buddy boating' every since.  Sue is a retired elementary art teacher who is also an artist.  Get this - John is a registered Circus Clown!  We have been having a lot of fun with them.  They have showed us all sorts of great places.
HEY - you know the stories about the Green flash that the sun makes at sunset on the ocean?  Well it is TRUE!  Last night we were all at a rustic and elegant place called McDuffs on Norman's Island.  That was after a day that included finding empty and alive BABY conch shells on a tiny little island with only one palm tree!  The four of us AND another couple of strangers SAW the sun go from brilliant orange to the most amazing jade green dot - then disappear!  If I hadn't had witnesses I think i WOULD HAVE DOUBTED MY OWN EYES.  It was magical.
We got to Nausua this afternoon after a gorgous day of motor/sailing through the most incredible turquoise water.  In another day or so it is supposed to blow 40 knots again and we're NOT goin to be happy.  However, we will stay here until it passes.  Then it is a long way to Port Lucaya or West End on Grand Bahama Island.  That will be an overnight trip which I'm not crazy about  but - oh well.
The maladjustment du jour is that the generator and port engine have dirty diesel fuel in them and keep clunking off!  We got in here on one engine and that is really scary because there are are a lot of boats crowded in here.

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