Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13

You've heard it before …We're waiting for yet another lousy cold weather front !!!! WHO said this is Paradise??? Right now it is very pretty and has been for about two days. I started a new painting that I'm very pleased with so far. (That feels sooo good!) I'll send a picture one of these days, when it is finished. We went ashore yesterday and on the way saw a huge ray with about a 4" "wing span". WAY Cool! We followed it around with our dinghy.
When it is good it is REALLY great!
We're still near Staniel Cay, anchored by Big Majors Spot (it is also a Cay). We're expecting 30+ knot winds again.
Our windlass, which retrieves and lowers our primary anchor, broke and we're waiting for a part - again. Do you remember the problems in Georgetown in Feb? (There will be a test on all this when we get home. J ) Right now we seem to be comfy on our extra anchor but the currents moved us around the other night. At 5 AM Lew heard "something" and we had dragged and were almost on the rocks! Yikes. We "did the deck dance" and got ourselves back to the middle of the harbor where there is good holding again. The bizarre "lesson" on this was that even if the anchor is secure, keep your anchor alarm on. It was a calm peaceful night and it was "just" the currents that pushed us here and there, wrapping the anchor rope around the anchor and eventually pulling it up !
We're going to shore in a minute and will try to phone someone this morning. Phones get tinny fast so we might not be able to get anyone. I'm sorry that it is impossible to call Marilyn and Marvin! Please know that we are fine. This is an intense experience and I truly don't recommend it unless someone has been on the water as a kid, with good experiences. There's no way I could do this year round.
Someday I have to write about WALLY - Lew's crony from the Caribbean 1500 days! He and his wife Connie are here too and it is great to see them almost every day. Wally has been giving us their "spare" water and helping us figure out where the best places to go are to wait out the next storm. We may be at Cambridge Cay for that… 5 miles north of this.
Gotta Scoot!
Big Hugs to all!
& Lew

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